What we do

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Empowering Abilities

ConnectAbility is leading the way in promoting the inclusion of people with a disability in the wider community. This is based on working holistically with you to design a diary of events to connect you to fulfilling your individual goals and dreams. We will support you to live the life you choose and to be a valued and included member of your community.

There is no picking from a limited list of group activities that requires you to follow an organisational plan or participate in activities at the one location. ConnectAbility will get you into the community to pursue your passions and interests. In this way you can explore your local neighbourhood and community to identify opportunities to connect and build meaningful relationships, make new friends and be in control of your life. We can assist you to surround yourself with friends and people who care about you, supporting you to achieve.

People of all ages come to our service, so we will help you put together a support schedule that fits with what is important to you and the stage of your life.

You could be Starting Out where people, including those leaving school create a personalised schedule of activities to further develop, social, daily living, vocational skills, provide meaningful recreational opportunities and inclusive community connections.
Or you might be looking at Building Opportunities where your supports can be accommodated in shared, group or individualised support schedules based on your needs, wants and specific requirements.

But, if you are looking at self-managing your support It’s Your Choice to self-direct your goal development, manage your own planning, staffing, funding and budgeting, administration, and engagement in your community. Commonly referred to as the Self-Managed Model.

As a ConnectAbility participant you have the flexibility to try different models of support as your needs, wants and requirements change. We would love an opportunity to meet with you and establish a personalised schedule of supports, designed especially for you.